Due to Covid-19, creating extended delivery schedules, along with a high number of orders lost in transit, we have had little choice but to temporarily suspend international shipping of our wines. We sincerely hope to resume this service as soon as normal conditions prevail.

נסו את האתר החדש בעברית

Our Story

Clos de Gat is situated in the foothills of the Judean Mountains, bordering Israel’s biblical Ayalon Valley, where Joshua defeated the Five Kings. An ancient “Gat” (Hebrew for wine press), pre-dating the Roman period by a thousand years, is located by the house set in the heart of the vineyards

The Estate

The region’s rolling hills and valleys have supported grapevine cultivation for thousands of years. The combination of a thin layer of topsoil atop a bed-rock of limestone, together with a unique micro-climate, make it possible to grow grapes of outstanding quality.
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The Terroir

Clos de Gat relies on the vineyard’s natural yeasts for the fermentation process, the wines thus gain greater complexity and fully complete the expression and uniqueness of Clos de Gat’s “Terroir”.
Wine Making