Due to Covid-19, creating extended delivery schedules, along with a high number of orders lost in transit, we have had little choice but to temporarily suspend international shipping of our wines. We sincerely hope to resume this service as soon as normal conditions prevail.

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website accessibility

Clos de Gat Winery caters for customers with disabilities, allowing them to enjoy full accessibility to the visitor areas.

The purpose of this section of the site is to inform our visitors and customers about the accessibility arrangements to the visitor areas, enabling all our visitors to have equal, access and convenient service.

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions for improvements, we will be happy for you to contact us.

Website accessibility:

We take great importance in providing equal opportunities for people with disabilities to use the information presented on our website and enable an enhanced surfing.

How does site accessibility work?

The site has an accessibility menu. Pressing the menu allows you to open the accessibility buttons.

Browsing in accessibility mode: Google Chrome is recommended. Please note, there may be compatibility issues with other browsers.




What is on the browsing menu:

- Increase the site font to 4 different sizes.

- Change colour contrast based on a light background.

- Change colour contrast based on a dark background.

- Monochrome - Adapting the site for people who are colour blind.

- Highlighting links on the site.

- Animation blocking - Stopping moving elements and blocking flickers.

- Change the font to one more suitable.

Despite our efforts to allow website browsing to be accessible for all the website pages, there might be some pages that are not yet accessible, due to technological issues, that our developers have not yet been able to resolve.

We continue our efforts to improve the accessibility of the website as much as technically possible, to allow all the users of our website wherever they maybe.


Below are the winery’s accessibility facilities:

- Accessible gate entrance.

- Disabled parking.

- Entrance with a guide dog

- Accessibility to tour areas.

- Handicapped bathroom.

- The balcony and shop have wheelchair access.

Please note: - visits by appointment only.